Who, What, Why, Where & What For?

Who are we?

We’re Chris and Jill. The first thing you should know about us is that we love marketing. 

We love you to help you know what you need to know! We wish we had had someone help us when we first started. However, over our combined 30 years of marketing experience, we have learnt a lot and want you to know it too.

We both agree marketing rocks!

Our love for marketing can be very annoying. Why’s that annoying you ask? To truly answer that question you’d need to speak to Chris’ parents or Jills’ partner. (*See the bottom of the page if you really want to know…)

What we don’t agree on is which is the better brain food… tea or coffee.

Chris is convinced it’s coffee whereas Jill prefers tea, and don’t get us started on the biscuits.

Our ethos

Company ethos’ can often be long winded affairs. We set up Need to Know Marketing simply because we enjoy imparting our marketing knowledge on to the world and love seeing businesses and others grow. That’s it!

There’s no catch, we’re happy to talk to anybody about their business and marketing goals. Some clients stay with us until we get them up on to their feet, some stay with us for longer, but as long as everybody is learning, we feel we have a positive impact on the world.

Also, it really annoys us when we see marketing done poorly! Marketing is strategic, and it pains us that so many marketing agencies choose to skip to the design and communication stage of a marketing project without understanding who their target consumers are first through research. This is why we believe in our ‘Four Steps to Marketing’ and stick to it. We feel this creates a strong, robust and measurable marketing strategy for you and your business that will work.


What else do you need to know?

We’re born 10 years apart. That’s important because in a generation where 30 somethings are too interested in the marketing tools they can use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Chirp (https://chirp.io/about), yes really and not enough about actual marketing foundations:

1) Research

2) Strategy

3) Design and Communication

4) Measurement

It’s important to have a generation that were more grounded in marketing skills but perhaps haven’t been as quick to jump on to new technology. The great thing about Need to Know Marketing is we have a blend of both. Chris, in his 30’s is extremely knowledgeable in marketing and technology (slightly weighted towards the technology side) and Jill is more weighted towards marketing strategy and traditional marketing.

When & why do you need us?

During our combined 30 years working in various marketing roles, we’ve covered all sorts of marketing research projects, developed a range of strategies for various organisations, designed communications with every tool under the sun and become very proficient with measuring our successes to improve our campaigns.

When do you need to call us? In short, whenever you feel you need marketing support. We can provide one-to-one coaching and medium to large training sessions, in addition to our consultancy services. We’re driven to make businesses succeed. Why? Because the more revenue we generate for them, the longer they will continue to work with us and growing businesses is what gets us out of bed in the morning! Granted, Chris would probably have a more active social life if this did happen (but then again, it’s only his parents that are really concerned about this…).

Where do we work?

We’re based in the UK and cover the entire country. Working with businesses in all industries and all sizes, marketing’s about people and psychology at its core. By thoroughly understanding our customers during the research stage (from instore visits, to large customer surveys), we can effectively build a strategy and market to anybody.

The principles of consumer buyer behaviour are frighteningly similar dependent of industry and we use these to encourage purchasing behaviour with any business we work with. In short, we set up all sorts of business across the country to do what they’re great at – selling to their customers.

*Chris’ Mum and Dad said about Chris:

“I love Chris and the passion he puts in to his work but he doesn’t half go on about it… we’d really like for him to meet a nice woman but for some time at least we expect he will be married to marketing.”  Obviously they meant a romantic one, not his business partner…

*Ben, Jills’ partner says:

“I love spending time with Jill, but there’s not often a moment when she’s not looking at something digital on her phone… some latest psychology research or a design she’s working on. I’d really like her to spend more time with her head out of the screen”. However, we ignored the fact he had his head in a screen whilst writing that…