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PPC Strategy

What is a PPC Strategy?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) allows businesses to direct immediate traffic, in the form of customers to their website. The most popular PPC tool, Google Ads provides bidding options for a highly coveted 8 spaces within Google Search results. If you want an immediate way to be highly ranked on Google, this is your best option.

Why do I need a PPC Strategy?

PPC provides businesses with a targeted way of attracting potential customers to their website, at the point customers are looking for solutions to their problems. The huge range of targeting options ensures businesses don’t fall short on targeting the right audiences, something some fall short of despite having very strong emotional and rational messaging to communicate with.

What benefits will my business see from a PPC Strategy?

We discussed how PPC can support an SEO strategy, through providing immediate traffic to a website during the awareness stage of decision-making using Google Ads.

This allows a business to not only rank successfully on the front pages of Google, organically (through non-paid search results) but also in other places on the front page too (paid positions).

PPC can also be utilised to:

  • Support businesses launching a new website, which may not have sufficient traffic yet. When a new website launches, Google needs time to rank the site organically and PPC can help to generate results during this time.
  • Rank for search terms that an existing website isn’t generating traffic for. Some search terms require a lot of content and optimisation to rank for organically and depending on your competition, these expectations could be highly unrealistic. PPC can help to level the playing field.

How do I create a PPC Strategy?

If you’ve performed Keyword Research before creating your PPC strategy, you’ll have identified the words your target audience are searching for using Google.

What you’ll also be able to identify is the estimated cost-per-click (CPC) for appearing as a top search result within your industry. This will allow you to make decisions on the keywords you can bid for to appear in your desired position, for your desired keywords.
Adverts that convert customers consider:

  1. Prominently placing within the advert unique solutions to your customers problems.
  2. A strong Call to Action at the top of the advert. If this isn’t immediately identifiable, any advert will struggle to convert with the speed potential customers scan search results.
  3. The page they’re sending users to. If the web page is unrelatable to the offer being provided you may attract a lot of clicks but very few conversions.

Google Ads can be tricky at first. If you would benefit from a free of charge PPC consultation to improve your sales and lead generation, get in touch here.

What else do I need to know?

We considered the benefits of remarketing within an SEO Strategy. Remarketing can be used to support a PPC Strategy too, as a way of reconnecting with potential customers who have previously shown interest in your product or service.

Remarketing tools, available across both Google and Facebook show adverts to people who have already clicked-through on to your website, across a number of websites or within the Facebook feed itself. This ensures when a potential customer is considering their options, you remain front of mind.

What’s more, you can be very clever with these adverts. Why not:

  1. Provide additional information about your product of service that they’ll be interested to know before considering their purchase?
  2. Increase conversions by offering a limited time offer.
  3. Make it easy for them to follow through with their purchase by providing customer testimonials – this is a great way to provide them with reassurance they won’t be disappointed.

At Need to Know Marketing we love providing information for SME’s so they can grow. We also understand this work can be time consuming and difficult to begin with. To assist you, we provide a free of charge one hour consultation, where we have an open discussion about your business objectives and what you’re looking to achieve.

Following the consultation we will provide you with a marketing strategy, advising how we recommend meeting your business objectives through marketing. If you are interested in knowing the cost of our services, you can use our calculator as a guide.

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