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Social Media Audit

What is a social media audit?

Social media provides a business with many benefits that aren’t always immediately obvious. A social media audit will evaluate where social media is working for you, where it’s supporting your marketing efforts and where it could be working harder. A series of recommendations will then be produced to show you where it fits in to your wider marketing strategy, supporting your business objectives.

Why do I need a social media audit?

Social media includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (to name the main platforms). You can use these platforms and medium to provide a number of benefits. These include:
  • Creating a point of contact for your customers – having a regularly updated profile, where customers can learn more about your product or service can keep you ahead of the competition. In a world of little trust, having a social presence when a potential customer is evaluating a product or service supports the decision-making process.
  • To support your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts. A social media page which is correctly linked to your website, will allow Google to recognise you as an authority in your industry. By creating great content, your audience will engage with it through liking, commenting and sharing your posts. The higher the level of engagement, the higher your ranking will be supported through social.
  • To actively target potential customers through paid social media marketing and remarketing. The vast array of tools available across social media platforms provide an affordable way for small to medium-sized businesses to start engaging with their target market. Imagine being able to create an advertising campaign, on a platform with more than 2.5 billion monthly active users (Facebook, 2019*). You can target your potential customers within this audience if you know how to use the tools. Whether your targeting is geographical, behavioural or interest driven, you can use this and more detailed information, to attract and engage with highly interested potential customers.  And if they express an interest in what you have to offer (because you know they viewed multiple products/ services on your website or clicked and engaged with your social post) you can continue to market to them. Remarketing to these interested parties provides you an opportunity to re-engage and convert interest to action!

What benefits will my business see from a social media audit?

Social media is ingrained into our everyday lives and rightly or wrongly, people want to learn more about a company before purchasing from it. 

A small business can seem much grander and offer more value than its size, through being active on social, answering potential customer queries and using the wealth of targeting options to grow their brand. Equally, a medium-sized business can seem much smaller through having no active social profile. 

How do I perform a social media audit?

To begin conducting your own social media audit, look at your social media page and consider:

  1. Is it linked to my website correctly? Follow these WordPress instructions, to link to your social media page from your WordPress website.
  2. Is my social media page verified? Verifying your page increases your authority when you post, as Facebook and Google know you are a genuine company. To verify your Facebook account, follow these instructions.
  3. What does my audience want to find on my social media page? Speaking with your potential customers, either face-to-face in-store or using online feedback forms will begin to build a picture of the problems they’re looking to solve.
  4. Am I targeting the correct people? Paid social media can ensure you’re targeting potential customers more accurately using interest targeting. Remarketing then allows you to reengage with people who have already considered your product and service but have not yet purchased.  

Other things a social media audit can consider are the level of engagement on your existing page, the most popular time of the day to interact with your audience, which imagery converts the most traffic and many other factors. 

If you would like us to perform a social media audit, along with producing recommendations to improve your sales and lead generation free of charge, get in touch here.

What else do I need to know?

To support growing your social media page, consider your audience first. There’s a reason your potential customers are online; they’re looking for you to solve their problems and they’re happy to spend their hard-earned money with the business that best fulfills their needs. 

What makes them tick? What are their likes, interests and what’s unique about your product, that they need to purchase it from you? Finding this information can be as simple as taking ½ a day out to spend some time sampling your products in-store and asking them. Alternatively, if you sell a service spend some time out with your sales staff speaking with potential buyers.

At Need to Know Marketing we love providing information for SME’s so they can grow. We also understand this work can be time consuming and difficult to begin with. To assist you, we provide a free of charge one hour consultation, where we have an open discussion about your business objectives and what you’re looking to achieve.

Following the consultation we will provide you with a marketing strategy, advising how we recommend meeting your business objectives through marketing. If you are interested in knowing the cost of our services, you can use our calculator as a guide.


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